Premier Aquatic Cleaners

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premier aquatic cleaners

UV and chlorine exposure cause problems unique to the aquatic industry. PAC brand products are the most effective and economical solution to remove chlorine build-up and protect and maintain water slides and water features.

SlidePros has been in the aquatic industry for over 15 years and has researched and developed their own brand of aquatic maintenance products. We use these products in the field and now offer them for sale as well.

Chlorine Build-up Contributes to the Fading of Water Slides

Chlorine build-up not only looks bad, but it contributes to the fading of water slides. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to remove with cleaners available to the general public. CalKlean removes this build-up from water slides, play features, pool tiles, or anywhere chlorine or salt water builds up. It’s safe to be rinsed through a pool’s filter system but does not even have to be rinsed. It can be sprayed on and wiped off.

PAC brand products can be purchased and used by your maintenance staff, or SlidePros can perform the maintenance work. We offer opening and closing season services (deep clean, buff, polish, wax, and seam recaulking) in addition to repair, resurfacing, and repainting of slides, play units, soft play features, etc. Please contact us to see which solution works best for your needs. Our staff can recommend the correct products based on your specific issues, or we can give you a turnkey quote to have the work performed by our technicians.

CALKLEAN Aquatic Scale Remover

CALKLEAN Aquatic Scale Remover

CalKlean aids in the removal of chlorine and hard water build-up, calcium carbonate, calcium silicate, and hard-to ­remove soluble salts that adhere to the surfaces of water slides, metal and fiberglass aquatic structures, pool tiles, and splash pads. CalKlean is the most effective and economical product for removal of these destructive residues.

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15 years of experience in the aquatic industry

resurfacing, repairing, and maintaining water slides, aquatic play units, spray features, towers, & soft play features. Certified by The American Composites Manufacturing Association.

PAC Detergent

PAC Detergent
Heavy-Duty Aquatic Cleaner-Degreaser

PAC Detergent is a heavy-duty water slide cleaner that dissolves sunscreen, body oils, bird droppings, waxes, and other hard-to-remove surface contaminates. It may also be used on splash pads surfaces, slide towers, interactive play structures, etc.

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CALKLEAN Aquatic Scale Remover


PAC Wax is a compounding paste and wax in one. No need for 2 separate products. PAC Wax. will deep clean, remove fine scratches, and remove minor oxidation while also adding a layer of protective wax.

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