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CalKlean Aquatic Scale Remover


CalKlean aids in the removal of chlorine and hard water build-up, calcium carbonate, calcium silicate, and hard-to ­remove soluble salts that adhere to the surfaces of water slides, metal and fiberglass aquatic structures, pool tiles, and splash pads. CalKlean is the most effective and economical product for removal of these destructive residues.

directions for use

For CalKlean to be most effective, it should come in direct contact with the calcium build-up or hard water mineral residue. It is recommended that dirt, grease, sunscreen, wax, and other surface contaminants be washed first with an appropriate cleaner such as PAC Detergent. After the surface is washed, it should be rinsed with potable quality water, not chlorine water, preferably through a pressure washer.

CalKlean can be diluted up to 1 : 1 with potable water. It is recommended to pour into small container and dilute to test strength required for area to be cleaned before diluting a large quantity. For extremely hard-to-remove build-up, CalKlean can be used full strength.

Apply CalKlean directly onto the surface to be cleaned by using a spray bottle or pump-up sprayer. Product should begin foam­ing as it reacts with the residue. Light sand using a scrub pad, or 320 sand paper if heavy build-up. Leave on as long as needed (1-3 minutes) to penetrate build-up but do not let product dry. Remove by either wiping with clean cloth or rinse with potable water. Allow surface to dry before polishing, waxing, or top coating.

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