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How to Clean and Wax a Water Slide

Properly cleaning and waxing a water slide will help slow down the fading that occurs from exposure to chlorine and UV. Removing the chlorine build-up will keep it from prematurely fading the gelcoat and keeping the water slide waxed will add a protective layer between the slide surface and chlorine and UV rays.

SlidePros’ PAC brand products have been tested and proven to clean and protect water slides and other aquatic features. Our technicians can perform this maintenance, or you can purchase the products directly and have your staff do the work.

Steps to Properly Clean and Wax a Water Slide.

1. Clean surface with PAC Detergent. This will remove surface contaminants, waxes, body oils, sunscreen, bird dropping, etc.  A separate wax remover is not needed.

  1. Spray PAC Detergent onto surface using a pump sprayer and agitate with a scrub brush; let stand 5-10 minutes but do not let product dry.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with tap water, preferably through a pressure washer.

2. Clean chlorine and/or hard water build-up with CalKlean

  1. Apply CalKlean to affected areas using a pump sprayer. Product should begin foaming as it reacts with the residue.
  2. Let product stand as long as needed (1-3 minutes) but do not let dry.
  3. Remove by either wiping with a clean cloth or rinsing with tap water.
  4. Allow surface to dry before polishing, waxing, or top coating.

3. Polish and wax with PAC Wax. Apply product using a wool pad on a variable-speed buffer at 2500 rpm to the interior (ride path). PAC Wax is a compound and wax in one. No additional products or steps needed.

It is recommended that water slides be cleaned and waxed AT LEAST once a year for seasonal parks and AT LEAST twice a year for parks open year round. Proper maintenance will help slow down the fading of the gelcoat and, thus, extend the time before the slide needs to be resurfaced.

Need more information? Contact us and we would be more than happy to help you develop a maintenance plan for your park, whether it involves a quote from us to perform the work, or helping you with doing the maintenance yourself.

We can also help if you just have general questions about your slides or any of your aquatic features. Feel free to attach pictures so we can speak directly to your issues.